Somewhere Green

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Here at Somewhere Else we are on a journey to reduce our environmental impacts by choosing local, ethical suppliers and reducing our waste where we can. Here are some of the things we are doing and ways you can get involved.  


In these days of mass-production, we are keen to know what is in our food and the food we are serving you so we work with local meat, fish and veg suppliers choosing organic, free range and even growing our own where possible.

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Veg Suppliers

We either get our salad leaf straight out of our kitchen garden or from local Adeline's Farm, who although aren't certified organic use organic methods. We get organic, seasonal items such as squashes from Purton Organics, who are down the road in Malmesbury. The rest of our veg comes from local Cirencester supplier, Bramleys.

Egg suppliers

We get our eggs from Sherston Free Range Farm, which is 15 miles from Cirencester. Here the hens share their paddocks with sheep. Their feed is free from antibiotics and hormones. They are not feed any fish products and their food contains, Wheat, Soya Meal, Sunflower Seeds.

Meat Suppliers

We have been buying our meat from local Cirencester Jessie Smith’s for many years as they provide high quality, high welfare meat from local farmers.

Fish Suppliers

New Wave is Cirencester's only traditional fishmongers that brings superb-quality, responsibly sourced seafood direct from the coast, 6 days a week.



Our supplier Clifton Coffee works directly with coffee estates around the world with good environmental and worker welfare standards.

Our used coffee grounds get taken away for composting on local gardens and allotments.

To further reduce waste we encourage you to bring in a reusable cup for your coffee and we will only charge you £1 for your coffee.

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We recently had a refurb of the venue and instead of buying new materials we got creative and upcycled pallets for the new salad bar frontage and new stools. We also re-upholstered and painted the existing stools and seats.

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We work hard to reduce food waste by working with ingredients in the salad counter to make daily specials.

If you feel your plate is too full and you can’t eat it all, then we will gladly give you a takeout box so don’t be shy about asking!

Reusable Coffee Cups

In researching the best option for coffee cups we have discovered that:

-disposable coffee cups are lined with plastics so despite looking like cardboard they can’t be recycled as cardboard.

-compostable cups need to go to a special composting facility with prior warning given to the plant.

-Nothing really biodegrades or composts in landfill as there is no air or microbes to get the process working.

So the best option for takeaway coffees is a reusable coffee cup as this saves all the resources that go into making a coffee cup (water, trees, energy). To incentivise this we will only charge £1 if you bring your own cup.

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Where possible we use local suppliers which reduces the food and fuel miles.

Luckily Cirencester is a small place, so our staff can easily cycle or walk into work.