Somewhere Green


somewhere green

Here at Somewhere Else we pride ourselves in our renewable & sustainable outlook, in the hope that our customers will join us in saving the planet!

We are taking steps towards a greener future, not just for our benefit but for yours as-well. Here are a few of the ways in which we are reducing our impact!



Ask any of our staff here and they will tell you that we love our coffee. Therefore we want you to not only love your coffee but also love how environmentally friendly we are with what goes into it all! Firstly, we encourage you to bring in your own mug & in exchange we will give you a discount on your drink (we'll even wash your mug).

 Secondly, recyclable products are a must for us there for all our coffee cups, lids, take away boxes, bags etc are all 100% compostable. Lastly on top of that we recycle all our used coffee grounds for you to take for your gardens or allotments!

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Sustainable transprot!

We pride ourself in that a whopping 90% of our staff either walk or cycle to work. Despite the harsh cold morning / nights commuting to work we are more than willing, knowing that we are reducing transport emissions (and pricey carpark fees)!



Recently being apart of the Refuse The Straw campaign we have since converted to using 100% compostable / recycled straws. Going through over 1000 straws a week it was a priority to change our supplier to this amazing company continuing our effort to save the planet! Refuse the straw no more at Somewhere Else.